What is Benolea and how can it help you?

The olive tree is an enduring symbol of peace and strength. Its leaves have served as remedies since the age of the Ancient Greeks, who used them to combat high blood pressure and diabetes. Now, vigorous research substantiates these time-honored benefits in Benolea®.

Benolea® is a unique ingredient extracted from the leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea L.) and standardized to contain just the right types of polyphenolic compounds, and in just the right proportions, to support cardiovascular health.

For example, the risk of high blood pressure rises with age and is closely linked to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. Lifestyle changes, including maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in physical activity, are the first line of defense against high blood pressure; but Benolea®, with its heart-health-promoting properties, is a powerful second line of defense, offering support to an optimal diet.

Benolea® is a highly powerful antioxidant that protects blood vessels against the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Benolea® is also clinically proven safe and effective. Our patented Hyperpure® technology guarantees the absence of contaminants, and two clinical studies confirm Benolea®’s positive effects on both cardiovascular function generally, and blood-pressure management specifically.

Benolea®’s benefits are a “team effort.” It’s the synergistic interplay of all the extract’s constituents—not individual compounds acting alone—that makes it so valuable. Mother Nature wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Health Benefits

Benolea® supports:



Benolea® proved similar to standard hypertensive therapy its ability to decrease blood pressure.

Blood pressure-reducing and lipid-lowering effect of Benolea® (EFLA®943) in stage-1 hypertension. Susalit, E., et al., Phytomedicine 2011, 18, 251-258


Benolea® lowered blood pressure and LDL-cholesterol in adults with borderline hypertension.

Effect of Benolea® (EFLA®943) in adult twins with mild hypertension. Perrinjaquet-Moccetti, T., et al., Phytotherapy Research 2008, 22, 1239-1242.


Mode of Action

Benolea® may act via two known mechanisms to support healthy blood pressure levels:

  • Promotion of production of nitric oxide (NO), an important mediator of vasodilation in blood vessels. In turn, NO helps relax the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure.

  • By binding to angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), phenolic substances inhibit its action, ultimately decreasing the formation of angiotensin II. This leads to a systematic dilation of arteries and veins, and that decreases arterial blood pressure.

Benolea® Mode of Action.



Benolea® multicomponent system: synergistc interplay of all components to lower cholesterol level

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